Force On Force Gunfighter (Simunitions) Course

You can go to the shooting range all you want but how will you react under the stress of someone is shooting back?  This course is designed to be the most realistic training available for the civilian shooter.  Students are given working Glock 17 pistols that fire a “simunition” dye marking cartridge only (similar to a high velocity paintball round) & we place them into realistic scenario based environments that the average concealed carry holder may face every day.

Students are given the opportunity to test their knowledge about use of force laws as well as their skill at arms as they encounter both “shoot” and “no shoot” scenarios where the “bullets” may be flying back at them!  Take full advantage of the old adage “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war” in this fun filled and educational course!

Students will need range attire and may bring their own holsters or standard concealed carry equipment.  The only model of firearm that will be used in this course is a Glock 17 replica weapons system so don’t bother bringing your own holster unless it will accommodate that model firearm.  Students are also HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to bring their own groin protector and/or paintball type facemask and gloves.  Any clothing can be worn, just remember, the thinner it is the more the lessons you learn will be driven home.  If you don’t want many welts, wear some thicker protective clothing.

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