Handgun Gunfighter 1 & 2 Courses

This course will cover the basics of handguns, use of force in personal defense & the principles of gunfighting; it will progress quickly to cover many of the basic aspects of handgun shooting as they pertain to becoming a competent gunfighter.  This class may be basic, but even “advanced” shooters will get something out of it and sharpen their skills.  Although this is not a “CCW course” we will cover all aspects of both UT and NV CCWs and those wishing to take a written test at the end can get their CCWs as a result.

Class will cover:
Handgun & firearm safety
Explaining & articulating deadly force encounters
Choosing the right handgun for your needs
Carry Options
Drawing from concealment
Basic Marksmanship
Shooting Responses
Emergency & deliberate reloads
1 handed & support hand shooting
Various positional shooting
Shooting while moving


Students will need to provide: their own firearm (or contact me for rentals prior), Holster (hard sided, kydex type holsters are acceptable, soft, collapsible holsters are dangerous and can cause accidental discharges into vital areas of the body).  Students will also need to bring about 300 rounds of ammunition for their weapon and provide their own eye & ear protection.  *Revolvers are acceptable but not recommended as I teach based off a modern semi-auto handgun curriculum.  Additionally you will find yourself reloading during about half the shooting drills and will not get as much repetition from the class. Any questions or concerns please call Tyler directly at (808) 772-8329

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9 & 10 September – Henderson, NV