Intro to Carbine Gunfighting Course

This course is the beginning of transforming yourself from a Gun Enthusiast into a Gun Fighter.

Please educate yourself, show respect for our freedoms and train to win a hostile engagement.

This course will cover:

– Preparatory Handling of your Rifle
– Battle-field Zeroing
– Weapon capability at range
– Rifle Deployment positions
– Shooting Responses
– Loading & Reloading (deliberate and emergency)
– Weapons Malfunctions

*Bring 250-300 rounds of ammo

* PISTOL IF POSSIBLE!  –  please also bring your pistol with 50-100 rounds of ammo and a holster. We will use this for transition drills from rifle to pistol if time allows.

*Bring your AR-15 or other carbine of your choice (this course will cater specifically to the AR-15 rifle)

*I HIGHLY recommend an electronic optic vs iron sights (you can use the iron sights if you’d like but I virtually guarantee you’ll buy an electronic optic by the end of the day so save yourself some frustration)

* Bring Eye & Hearing Protection

*If possible bring a method to carry magazines (load bearing vest or plate carrier).

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